Applications Now Open For Walking And Cycling The Daisies 2015. GO!
24 Jun. 2015

Applications Now Open For Walking And Cycling The Daisies 2015. GO!

Quick question: say, hypothetically, I walk to Rocking the Daisies. Do I have to walk back? Because I went to last year’s, and I don’t think I could breathe properly afterwards let alone put one foot in front of the other all the way back to Cape Town. If you can answer this question for me — or even if you can possibly give me a lift home from this year’s RtD, please tweet me at @Nick_Frost. I digress. If you have an healthy appetite for a full-weekend dose of live music with a heavy side of sustainability, then Walking or Cycling the Daisies is the thing for you.


Celebrating 10 years since its inception, Rocking the Daisies has fast grown into the country’s finest music & lifestyle festival with a sustainability angle. Both Walking the Daisies and Cycling the Daisies are RtD offshoot initiatives that encourage festival goers to celebrate a world-class music and lifestyle experience in a spectacular setting, whilst reducing their environmental footprint.

Walking the Daisies, the two-day guided hike, starts in Cape Town on Wednesday 30 September and ends Thursday 1 October on arrival at the festival in Darling. This annual exodus has evolved from only 20 walkers in 2009 to 200 like-minded walkers last year. Lol, calling them “walkers” makes them sound like zombies from The Walking Dead. Everyone knows that only happens on the Sunday morning.

The walk is fully catered for, which means your luggage will be transported to the festival for you, because no one likes saving the environment with an aching back! Tented accommodation is also provided along the way, as well as a variety of educational, recreational and environmental elements thrown into the mix. The selection criteria for applications will be based on a many aspects: from fitness and previous experience to special skill sets that could add value (and possible entertainment) for fellow zombies–sorry, walkers. Applications will be open from now until the 10th of September. You can click right here to apply.


Cycling the Daisies was developed off the back of the now popular Walking the Daisies and is an annual one-day cycling trip that starts in Cape Town on Friday 2 October and ends at the festival grounds in Darling the very same day, with lots of interesting stops in between. Click here for more details on the route, itinerary and application forms.

In keeping with their efforts to Play Hard, Tread Lightly, Rocking the Daisies encourages all other — lazier — festival goers to please carpool where possible, and they have incentive too. The first 2000 cars to arrive in a carpool will be given priority parking; trust me, that’s a HUGE deal at a festival of this magnitude.

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