20 May. 2013

GREENPOP presents: Trees for Zambia 2013

Most of us are unaware of the environmental impact the hustle and bustle of 21st century living leaves upon mother earth and in particular our continent of Africa, hailed to be the cradle of mankind! Thankfully GREENPOP is here to remind us of our roots with this year’s effort;Trees for Zambia 2013

This will be the second annual event hosted by the Eco-consciousness organization in their bid to protect and grow the natural forests of Saharan Africa. This year GREENPOP will be hosted in Livingston, home of the majestic Victoria Falls where an attempt will be made to plant +-5 000 trees during the course of the campaign.

The focus is on creating a culture where trees are revered and respected as they should be through the hosting of environmental consciousness workshops, lectures and hands-on volunteering in the hopes that it will ensure the prosperity of our continents treasure trove of natural forests and preserve them for future generations who would yield the fruit born from the tireless efforts of people who give back to Mother Earth for allowing us to taint her with our sprawl and pollution.

Therefore the end goals of this year’s effort will stem from several fundamentals:

  • New and more economical farming methods *Abolition of Slash & Burn farming methods
  • Feeding the populous with the fruit born from their labors and educate in nourishment
  • Promote and provide alternative energy sources therefore lower fossil fuel emissions
  • Eventually establish a micro-tree nursery enterprise for locals that would provide local farmers with addition income
  • The foundation of a stimulating volunteer program that will appeal to both local and international candidates

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Zambia has been in dire straits for decades and in need of something of this magnitude to rectify the pandemic level of deforestation which has run rampant in recent years as a result of poor land management, slash & burn farming methods, unsustainable logging and tree felling for Charcoal and according to the UN-REDD project is among the world’s worst.


Making one thing abundantly clear, Zambia has neither the means nor the expertise to fix what was done through years of ignorance by both local and international powers. Now proactively addressing what is a serious problem on a global scale, the following organizations have partnered to make this landmark event possible:

  1. Zambian Ministry of Forestry
  2. Zambian Ministry of Agriculture
  3. Zambian Ministry of Education
  4. Zambia Ministry of Tourism
  5. Natural Heritage Conservation Commission
  6. UNDP (United Nations Development Program)
  7. CFU *(Conservation Farming Unit)
  8. ALERT & Lion Encounter (African Lion & Environmental Research Trust)

Clearly something of epic proportions, but why inform you who is miles away and not native to the nation of Zambia? Because you have the means to make a difference by simply prying open your FAT wallets and being part of the change that you want to see in the world becoming a tree?sponsor and knowing that in your own way you made a contribution.

For more information visit : http://www.greenpop.org

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